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Praise for Sharing the Sandbox

"Dean Brenner has done it again. After his seminal book Move the World, he has now tackled the challenging topic of team communication and team building. Sharing the Sandbox is a breath of compelling, convincing air on a subject long in need of serious attention.  And it is a great read."
Thomas D. Lips, Senior Vice President, UBS Financial Services

“This book is a gift. It gives us a roadmap to close the gap between our current reality and a desired and better reality. Sharing the Sandbox will help you assess what is really going on with your teams and every chapter is a gem. I’ll carry my copy with me everywhere I go.”
Kevin K. Cushing, former Chief Executive Officer, AlphaGraphics, Inc.

“Dean Brenner knows teams and team building as well as anyone I know. He has a great way of giving valuable advice in a way that is easy to understand and easy to execute. Dean’s concepts and approach have helped me become a better teammate and leader, and Sharing the Sandbox is a great tool for all of us, on and off the water.”
Anna Tunnicliffe, Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, and two-
time World Sailor of the Year

“Being the member of a successful team is one of the great experiences in life. Dean Brenner has a wealth of experience on team building that he shares with all of us in Sharing the Sandbox, and this book will provide you with great guidance on how to lead, follow and be a winning team member.”
Gary Jobson, America’s Cup Winner, National Sailing Hall of Fame Inductee, and President of US Sailing


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